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  • Austin Vistage Executive Summit - Driving Dynamic Decisions

    April 12, 2017

    AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center

    What is the Vistage Executive Summit?  Helmed by event speakers who walk the talk, the Vistage Executive Summit is not for everyone. It is for you. Executive. Leader. Chief Problem-Solver. This event will provide you with the insights to make better decisions, helping you refine your instincts, improve your judgment, and expand your perspectives.

  • San Antonio Vistage Executive Summit - Driving Dynamic Decisions

    April 13, 2017

    La Cantera Resort & Spa

    What is the Vistage Executive Summit?  Helmed by event speakers who walk the talk, the Vistage Executive Summit is not for everyone. It is for you. Executive. Leader. Chief Problem-Solver. This event will provide you with the insights to make better decisions, helping you refine your instincts, improve your judgement, and expand your perspectives.
  • Identify, Plan, Protect: Using Cyber to Your Advantage

    April 19, 2017

    The RISK Institute

    We live in a digital age, which means our business vulnerabilities exist in the digital sphere. This session features speakers from the FBI, CIA, Ohio Attorney General's Office, The Ohio State University, and Battelle. We'll be covering so much more than technological risk, it's truly enterprise risk management.

In the News

As the leading resource on information relating to the middle market, the National Center for the Middle Market’s research influences and contributes to conversations and articles in print, on air, and online.

  • Texas mid-sized companies outperformed their national peers in 2014

    Texas mid-sized companies outperformed their national peers in 2014, according to a report released today by the National Center for the Middle Market. Those companies — those with annual revenue of $10 million to $1 billion — saw 11 percent average revenue growth of 11 percent last year vs. 7.2 nationwide. They also saw 7.7 percent average total employment growth vs. 5 percent nationwide.  Read More >

  • ACG NY’s Trip to Washington, DC

    Many people, myself included, were dismayed about how private equity was portrayed during the 2012 Election/2008 Credit Crisis and the resulting legislation of registration, compliance and blocking capital access. It seemed my entire professional career of advising, financing and investing in middle market companies to help grow their operations, invest in real equipment, and hire new employees was being invalidated. As such, when ACG Global asked me to volunteer to visit Capitol Hill and speak to various senior members of both parties of Congressional Staff, I jumped at the chance.  Read More >

  • Venture capitalist: Speaking up for the middle market

    Buffalo isn't a hotbed for Fortune 500 headquarters or a flourishing ecosystem for start-up companies. It's strength generally relies on middle-market companies, which do between $10 million to $1 billion in annual revenue, said Thomas Stewart, executive director of the National Center for the Middle Market.  Read More >

  • SBIA Northeast Private Equity Conference To Provide Outlook for Small Business Performance and Key Legislation Impacting Private Capital Investment for 2015

    The Northeast Private Equity Conference includes the participation of more than 200 senior private capital market participants, including the general partners of leading U.S. lower middle market equity funds and senior decision makers from alternative debt providers, BDCs, institutional limited partners, investment banks, and M&A intermediaries. Executive Director of the National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM), Thomas A. Stewart will roll out the first comprehensive middle market survey of the year covering middle market employment, business sentiment, revenue, trends and economic data from the NCMM’s latest survey of senior executives overseeing U.S. middle market companies with $10 million to $1 billion in annual revenues.  Read More >

  • Small Business Investor Alliance Achieves Robust Growth in 2014

    The Small Business Investor Alliance (SBIA), the leading association for lower middle market private equity funds and investors, today announced that it bolstered its number of general partner and limited partner members in 2014, reflecting the SBIA’s growing stature as the leading voice of private equity in Washington. SBIA increased its total number of members as 30 new firms and fund groups joined, including 10 Limited Partners and four Business Development Companies (BDCs).  Read More >

  • Millennials and tech: The big, fat chance for the mid-market

    Tom Stewart, Executive Director discusses the role millennials will play in changing the way mid-market companies operate, how technology will redefine the mid-market workplace, what a mid-market company with “engaged employees” looks like, and what technologies or work culture shifts he sees as having the greatest impact on the mid-market.  Read More >

  • Middle Market Measures 11-13-14

    Bill Moller checks in with Tom Stewart, Executive Director of the National Center for the Middle Market on where things stand in this important sector.  Read More >

  • The future of the mid-market: a Q&A with Thomas Stewart

    The Future of Work actually encompasses many futures, depending on the type of organization and the industry in which it operates. For midmarket companies, what type of future is in store? We spent time with Thomas A. Stewart, Executive Director of the National Center for the Middle Market, to find out his thoughts.  Read More >

  • How Mid-Size Companies Can Boost Operational Effectiveness

    While most mid-market executives rate themselves highly on operational effectiveness, many report having difficulty making improvements stick. More than two-thirds of respondents in a recent survey by the National Center for the Middle Market at Ohio State University said that they have difficulty sustaining gains they make in operation. The good news? Research suggests that there are steps that business leaders can take to boost success and increase the staying power of initiatives, such as:  Read More >

  • Dell Shows Benefits of Privatization, Says Pension Chief

    Adding to the recent praises of private equity ownership is the leader of one of Canada’s largest pension systems, who argued agency costs have contributed to the relatively inferior performance of public companies compared with their privately held brethren. Mark Wiseman, chief executive of Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, said during a conference Tuesday that in general, privately owned businesses perform better than public companies. A crucial reason for the difference, said Mr. Wiseman, is the “agency costs” of being a public company.  Read More >

  • Carlyle Said to Seek $2 Billion for Mid-Market LBO Fund

    The largest private-equity firms, including Blackstone Group LP, KKR & Co. (KKR) and Carlyle, have found investment opportunities in smaller companies as valuations for leveraged buyouts remain high. Mid-size companies in the U.S., with annual sales from $10 million to $1 billion, increased revenue by 7.5 percent in the third quarter, compared with 5.5 percent in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index of larger companies, according to Columbus, Ohio-based National Center for the Middle Market.  Read More >

  • The construction industry is about to take off. And jobs could follow.

    Terry Segerberg knows when the construction industry is about to slow down or take off — before the builders do. She knew it six months before the housing bubble popped and the industry laid off a couple of million workers, when she sensed builders moving from new projects to remodeling ones — a sign that activity was ebbing.  Read More >

  • Ohio's Middle Market: An Engine of Growth

    When talking about the U.S. economy, a great deal of attention is paid to big businesses – think Fortune 500 – and small entrepreneurial start-ups. What about the Middle Market – a diverse group of companies that lie somewhere between these two descriptions?  Read More >

  • Accelerating Top-Line Growth Fuels Middle Market Job Creation

    COLUMBUS, OH – October 29, 2014 – Middle market executives report accelerating revenue growth over the past four consecutive quarters, which peaked at 7.5 percent, the highest rate since the launch of the Middle Market Indicator (MMI). According to the National Center for the Middle Market’s (NCMM) survey of 1,000 C-suite executives, 68 percent report company revenue increasing in the past year, with mean total revenue growing two percentage points faster than the S&P 500.  Read More >

  • Growth at mid-sized companies helps the Texas and U.S. economies

    Texas’ 10,000 middle-market businesses represent less than 1 percent of all companies statewide, yet they account for 16 percent ($495 billion) of total Texas business revenue and 29 percent of the state workforce, the National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM) reported today.  Read More >

  • PE-Backed Companies Expand Revenue Faster Than Non-PE Peers

    According to a third quarter survey of about 1,000 senior executives of midmarket U.S. companies, private equity-backed businesses generated a mean revenue growth rate of 9.2% over the trailing 12 months, compared with 6.5% for non-PE backed companies and 7.5% for the respondents’ businesses as a whole.  Read More >

  • Why Small Businesses Don't Need to Spend Anymore

    Like startups, middle-market companies have something extremely important to say about the economy. Namely, these businesses acknowledge that their national growth prospects are good, but they have a great deal of trepidation about how the shaky global economy will affect them.  Read More >

  • Economic News: House Applications Sag, Japan Rebounds

    Middle-market firms saw solid revenue growth in Q3 for the third straight quarter, according to the National Center for the Middle Market. Some 64% of executives expect gross revenue growth averaging 5.5% in the next year, 47% expect employment to rise 3.6% and 61% expect to make capital investments.  Read More >


    U.S. unemployment has at long last fallen below 6 percent. Gross domestic product growth has recovered following a stumble early in the year. The economy seems to have settled into a decent growth rate — better than desultory but worse than ideal. Things are different in the middle market, which continues to outperform the economy as a whole.  Read More >


    Per The National Center for the Middle Market quarterly report out today: “[M]iddle-market executives have reported accelerating revenue growth for four consecutive quarters. Within the sector, the construction industry is seeing among the highest revenue growth.  Read More >

  • Who Are the Unsung Heroes of the U.S. Economy?

    Business news networks and other financial media stay largely focused on covering companies whose shares are owned by the public. But away from the TVs and newspapers, there is another powerful engine pumping life into the economy: the middle market.  Read More >

  • “Morning Joe” live from Ohio State tomorrow in connection with the Middle Market Summit – Release:

    Joe and Mika will head to the heart of Buckeye Nation to discuss the driving force behind over 44 million U.S. jobs with special guests including: Fmr. Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA); Ohio Senators Rob Portman (R) and Sherrod Brown (D); [GE] Chairman of the Board and CEO Jeff Immelt; investor Steve Case; and Christine Poon, dean of The Ohio State University College of Business.  Read More >

  • Why the US can take on Germany at its own game

    Americans don't have to look enviously across the Atlantic at Germany's mighty Mittelstand. The middle market is also a powerful force on U.S. soil. Like the Mittelstand, it is the backbone of economic growth and job creation. Unlike its German counterpart, however, the U.S. middle market labors and grows in relative obscurity, and in a financial system that in some cases acts in ways that are less than ideal for the development of long-lived, independent, mid-sized businesses.  Read More >

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