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  • How Helping Charities Builds Community Goodwill for Your Middle Market Firm

    Helping charities in your local community can be a truly positive endeavor for a middle market firm during the holiday season (or at any other time of year). Not only will you build goodwill for your business, but you'll also help people in need. If you can host a community-wide event or partner with a client for a charitable goal, you'll make a tangible difference in people's lives while building relationships with other local businesses.

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  • Is an HSA or an FSA Right for Your Middle Market Firm?

    A health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) can be an attractive addition to an employee benefits package. In fact, a Society for Human Resource Management survey found that 42 percent of large firms offer HSAs. But medical reimbursement accounts aren't just a good choice for larger firms; midmarket firms can benefit significantly, too. If you're not using HSAs or FSAs yet for your business, you might want to look into them.

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  • Business Apps and Middle Market Companies: A Good Match?

    By Rob Carey

    According to the Pew Research Center, 35 percent of Americans owned a smartphone in 2011. Four years later, that figure is 64 percent. What's more, about half of all Internet searches are now done on mobile devices. Given these usage statistics — and the fact that they will only rise over time — middle market firms must consider whether having their own mobile business apps for customers is the right way to go.

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  • How to Execute a Hassle-Free Rebranding

    If your middle market company has grown and evolved over the years, then you might be wondering if it's time to rebrand. A company's or product's brand represents its identity — the distillation of what it is and what it stands for. For customers, encountering a rebranded product can be like learning that an acquaintance suddenly changed his name: not necessarily a bad thing, but it may take time to adjust.

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  • InvitedHome

    When you think about renting a home for vacation, do you really know what to expect? Are the pictures of the property accurate? Will the property be as advertised? InvitedHome is taking the guessing out of the equation for vacation rentals by bringing consistency to the industry. Founded in 2013 by Michael Joseph, Tom Feldhusen, and Henry Parry-Okeden, InvitedHome has been growing rapidly since its inception. It was recently ranked the 28th fastest growing company in America on the Inc. 5000 2015 List with a three year growth rate of over 8,000%. We recently spoke with Co-Founder Henry Parry-Okeden about InvitedHome and its tremendous growth. 

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  • Requiem for the Annual Performance Review? Not So Fast…

    The year was 1981, and I had just been hired by Combustion Engineering in Ottawa as a fledgling HR staffer. The annual performance review quickly became the bane of my existence; it was clear managers were not taking the process seriously. I brought my complaint to my department head, the Vice President of HR. He took a long haul from his Camel (such were the days before smoke-free buildings), exhaled a trail of raccoon-tailed smoke rings and asked, “Why do we need these things, anyway?” Not the response I was looking for – or expected.    Read More >
  • 6 Tips for More Effective Meetings of Any Size

    As a middle market leader, you know that effective meetings don't happen by accident. Rather, they are the result of meticulous planning and tight execution. Good meetings share several success factors: a clear goal, a chair who compels laserlike focus, attendance by the right people (and nobody extra) and next steps tasked to specific people with specific deadlines. Here's how to make your business's meetings more effective.

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  • Choosing a Keynote Speaker: 6 Steps to Better Company Events

    Do you need a keynote speaker for your middle market company's next event? How do you go about finding one who will work best for your budget and overall goals ? Start with a clear understanding of your objectives and a realistic idea of what your resources will allow. You likely don't have the financial wherewithal of your larger rivals, so creativity can be a great equalizer here because enterprises aren't as flexible as you are.

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  • How a Unique Office Can Boost Recruitment, Retention — and Your Brand

    ExactTarget found before being acquired by Salesforce. The company was able to attract younger talent in part because of its office design: an open arrangement with coffee bars and group workspaces complete with sofas. According to PSFK, such designs speak to millennials, who tend toward informality, collaboration and community when working. "I wanted to be part of a company that emphasized culture," said one ExactTarget recruit.  Read More >
  • How to Improve Employee Engagement Through Volunteering

    Strengthening employee engagement should be one of your middle market company's prime retention and productivity strategies. Why? Because engaged employees work harder, grow their capabilities, are more loyal and have a direct, positive impact on your middle market company's overall performance. Among the most effective ways to drive employee engagement is with a well-run volunteer program aligned with your core values.

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  • 4 Presentation Tips to Improve Company Communication

    The business world abounds with presentation tips, from training courses and how-to books to speakers who promise to teach you better public-speaking skills. The best source often goes unnoticed: your own middle market company colleagues, who actually present to some of the same internal and external audiences that you do. Sharing experiences, whether good, bad or downright ugly, is the fastest way to improve your technique. Another surprising way of bolstering presentation skills is through improvisation.

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