National Center for the Middle Market 2016 Annual Report

Five short years ago, the notion of an American middle market—an economic segment made up of companies that can neither be defined as small businesses or big enterprises, but that operate between the two—was vague at best.

Today, however, the middle market is the focus of national, regional, and local conversations about the U.S. economy. Researchers, economic development leaders, media professionals, politicians, and business students not only know what the middle market is; they are increasingly compelled to focus attention on this segment and to play their part in ensuring the middle market’s continued success.

In short, the middle market has earned its due respect and is now well established as the engine of economic growth that it so clearly is. As the National Center for the Middle Market celebrates its five-year anniversary, we are energized by the market’s evolution from obscurity to acclaim. And we are focused on the transformation our organization has undergone along the way. The Center has moved beyond building awareness of the importance of this critical economic sector into serving as a key catalyst for fueling and tuning the “engine of growth,” ensuring the middle market’s peak performance.

Learn more about the Center's 2016 efforts and how you can get involved this year.


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